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  • Further develop distinctiveness and attract more students.
  • Increase retention and graduation rates.
  • Improve students’ attendance and engagement.
  • Enable your students access to international education.


With increasing globalization, skills in leadership, interpersonal relationships, multicultural communication, and English fluency are becoming crucial for professional success.

With this in mind, WAY American School Online offers your school the opportunity to stand out from your competitors by providing students with an innovative, international, online, high school program without leaving their country.

“When we start thinking about education we think about our young people and what their futures might be then years after they leave us. We founded WAY in order to meet those needs. Our young people are preparing for jobs that don’t exist right now, but we do know what skills they are going to need and how they are going to be able to work. It’s so important for us to enable our young people to really network across networks, to think about a global community, really looking how they are going to connect and problem-solve with other people. That’s why we are called WAY – Widening Advancements for Youth – American School.”

Beth Baker – Co-CEO and Founder


Educational Platform HERO

WAY American School Online adopts HERO, the proprietary learning system developed by world partner Centric Learning, which adapts to the pace and level of each student and allows the monitoring of individual performance.


WAY American School is accredited by Cognia, meeting its high standards of education. Cognia is the world leader in accreditation services for educational institutions who seek excellence in student services.

Certified Teachers

WAY American School Online has high expectations for its academic team and recruits only highly qualified teachers with valid certifications, bachelor's degrees and actual teaching experience.

University and Professional Counseling

WAY American School offers a counseling service that helps students, based on their skills and competence, choose the best match for their future by suggesting career and university choices.



Development of 21st-century skills, essential preparation for life beyond school.

Improve English fluency through frequent interaction with native English speakers.

Enhance cultural development without leaving their current country.

Expand world vision, allowing various approaches to society’s issues and problems.

Easier access to higher education institutions worldwide and a wider range of university options.

For partner school

Entry to a select group of institutions that offer international education.

Higher retention rates.

Increase distinctiveness to attract more students.

Improve outcomes through the sharing of best practices.

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